Total Integral Platform


THE FIRST LARGEST TOTAL INTEGRAL PLATFORM РSTANDARD РSYSTEM Along Human History for Education (Schools, Colleges, Universities, Informal Education) Institutions, Corporations, Industries, Health and Medical Institutions, Standardization and Certification Institutions, Humanity and World Organizations.

Total Integral Platform (in brief) comprises Total Integral Vision, Information, Knowledge, Science, Philosophy, Value, Principle, Standard, Policy, Leadership, Management, Administration, Operation, Logic, Methodology, System, Way of Living, and all their derivatives / products, and so on.

Total Integral Platform comprises All Theological, Anthropological, and Cosmological aspects (Animal, Vegetative, and Material aspects).

It is all to contribute to the development and transformation of Total Integral Human Life, Moral, Education, Culture, Civilization, Development, Transformation, and Life-Achievement.

Beneficial Function: Existentially, Total Integral Platform functions as The Appropriate True Original Whole Adequate Essential Platform of Existing, Living, Growing, Transforming, and Life-Achieving with Complete Essential Vision, Direction, Design, Right Track, Total Integral Aspects for Individuals and All Humanity.