Total Integral Informatics Platform


TOTAL INTEGRAL INFORMATICS PLATFORM is Total Integral Platform of Humanity Existence, Life, Growth, Knowledge, Science, Work, Culture, and Civilization in INFORMATION ASPECT. It is A Complete Structure of Elements that Founds, Unites, Builds, Consummates, Forms, Directs, and Operates The Whole Information Building Essentially Totally Integrally.

It totally integrally wholly comprises Information essences, essentials, fundamentals, framework, pillars, contents, processes, methodologies, systems, standards, values, principles, philosophies, sciences, and all levels and fields of Human Existence and Life.

It openly completely includes the highest-level to the lowest-level, the essential / deepest to the most peripheral, the basic to the top, the root to the branch, the narrowest to the vastest, and the most simplex to the most complex, of Information Building.

Here below are some integral aspects of Total Integral Informatics Platform:

  • Total Integral Data
  • Total Integral Information
  • Total Integral System
  • Total Integral Standard

Our mission-and-service is to Raise Corporations, Schools and Universities, Research and Development Institutions, Governments, Health and Medical Institutions, Organizations, etc. into Total Integral Platform by Designing and Constructing Total Integral Information with Total Integral System and Total Integral Standard for them.