TIH2 is an integral part and aspect of Total Integral Platform-Standard-System (Brief: Total Integral Platform).

Through more than twenty-eight year exploration, research, development, and pre-production processes, we have created and designed THE FIRST LARGEST TOTAL WHOLE PLATFORM, STANDARD, AND SYSTEM OF SCIENCE along Human History: TOTAL INTEGRAL SCIENCE SYSTEM (TISSys), which includes TOTAL INTEGRAL HEALTH AND HEALING PLATFORM-STANDARD-SYSTEM (TIH2 Platform).

TIH2 Platform offers more than 8 billion individuals, and families, universities, hospitals, health and medical industries, organizations, institutions, and governments all over the world: The New Invented One Whole Platform of All HEALTH-HEALING-MEDICAL Sciences, Knowledges, Information, and Data of All Levels and Fields, which are materially–formally synthesized, integrated, and united into One Universal Scientific System and Standard that is to be installed into TIH2 Physical Layer.


Reality, History, Fundamental Problems and Challenges

  • Along the history, Humanity Health and Healing last dividedly, separately, fragmentedly, partialistically; People produce Health / Healing Knowledges, Health / Healing Methods and Acts, Health Ingredients and Medicine, and Health / Healing Tools dividedly, separately, fragmentedly, partialistically,

consequently, the foundation and platform of Humanity Health, Healing, and Health/Healing World have not yet been formed or are still divided, fragmented, partialistic, scattered, unwhole, incomplete, or damaged

consequently, Humanity and The World have not yet been in the adequate, right, proper, appropriate, and good / best living, health, safety, development, movement, process, situation continuously (Continuously and Wholly in Multidimensional Crises)

  • Especially, the divided, fragmented, separated, partialistic, incomplete, or even contradictory knowledges / sciences / truths / fallacies including about Health and Healing, cause division, fragmentation, separation, partialization, incompleteness, or contradiction in the personality, the soul, and the human life order: individual life, family, community, organization, community, nation, and the world in all levels and fields: spirituality, psychology, biology, cosmology; individuality, sociality; morality, ethics; communication, politics, economics, business, profession, industry, education, learning, search-research and development, information, science, engineering, technology, philosophy, theology, aesthetics, culture, medicine, security, defense, ecology, system, civilization; solution of problem, need, challenge

  • The divided, fragmented, separated, partialistic, incomplete, contradictory knowledges, sciences, and truths / fallacies including about Health and Healing, have caused mistakes, errors, lostness, malfunctions, mal-usability, unhealthiness, contamination, weakness, diseases, unwholeness, defects, ugliness, fractures, instability, disharmony, disintegrity, danger, mal-products, mal-services, disasters, accidents, or damages

  • In particular, the humanity and the world have already been for thousands of years led by a few health / healing leaders, whose knowledge or science was also divided, fragmented, separated, partialistic, incomplete, and unwhole > causing the divided, fragmented, separated, partialistic, contradictory, scattered, or chaotic Health / Healing Knowledge and Acts in individuals, families, communities, organizations, institutions, societies, governments, nations, humanity, and human world

  • There are lots of people, families, communities, organizations, institutions, societies, and governments that are not completely conscious of and do not completely understand about the existing divided, fragmented, partialistic, incomplete, or contradictory humanity health life mentioned above and its continuous destructive effects; about the need and necessity of Total Integral Health and Healing truth, vision, knowledge, science, methodology, act, and treatment

Essential, Necessity, and Basic Needs of Human Health

  • Human Being is one, whole, total, and integral; her/his life is totally integral

  • Existentially, every human and the whole humanity move into the total integral whole truth, knowledge, movement, and life

  • The origin, basis, direction, aim, process, growth, development, transformation, and human attainment is: The Singularity or The One Whole Being, Who makes human and her/his total integral life exist from non-being into being

  • Total Reality is Integral; Humanity Reality is Totally Integral

  • Human existentially needs Total Integral Truth, Knowledge, and Science (Platform) to live, think, desire, act, speak, and produce things adequately, truly, properly, appropriately, securely, and well

  • Therefore, Human and Humanity Health Basis / Standard is Human Total Integrality, and Total Integral Health is Human Essential, Basic Need, Necessity, and Standard


  • Individuals, families, communities, organizations, institutions, societies, nations, and humanity live, grow, develop, transform in total integral aspects of HEALTHY living, and achieve their life goals totally essentially integrally, based upon Total Integral HEALTHY Living Platform and Standard, served and accompanied by TIH2

  • Humanity life conditions, expressions, practices, products, and services in all areas of life transcend to be in TOTAL INTEGRAL HEALTH AND HEALING based upon TIH2 Platform and Standard

  • The total integral fundamental accomplishment of the divided, fragmented, separate, partialistic, incomplete, or contradictory situation, problems, and challenges of humanity and the world; the fulfillment of the existential and practical needs of total whole integrality of human and humanity life; the realization of Total Integral Humanity Health and Healing Platform and Living, which is served, maximized, guarded, and accompanied by TIH2

  • Total Ultimate Humanity HEALTHY LIFE Restoration, Reformation, Growth, Development, Transformation, and Attainment in Total Integral Level and Standard


  • Continuing Total Integral Health and Healing Research and Development to produce unlimited inventions and discoveries in TIH2 Building

  • Producing, promoting, and distributing TIH2 Platform Building, Products and Services globally to all individuals, families, communities, corporations, organizations, institutions, and governments

  • Sustaining and developing Global TIH2 Platform Access and Usage Network all over the world in all areas of living


  • Human and Humanity transcend into Total Whole Integral Platform, Standard, System, and Management of All HEALTH AND HEALING Vision, Truth, Wisdom, Thinking, Data, Information, Knowledge, Science, Product, Service, Decision and Option, Solution, Communication, Connection, Action, Response, Work, Practice, Process, Growth, Development, Transformation, Achievement, Culture, Civilization, and Living —> Hence, THE HEALTH AND HEALING of Humanity and The World is totally integrally raised up and transformed into Total Integral Level and Standard


  • Raising, Serving, Accompanying, and Leading Humanity to attain The Ultimate Whole Totality of Reality, Truth, Knowledge, Wisdom, Aim, Goodness, Value, Meaning, Intellectuality, Desire, Belief, Hope, Peace, Joy, Happiness, and Life about HEALTH AND HEALING, supported with The Whole, Adequate, Necessary, Appropriate, True, and Complete Platform of HEALTH AND HEALING Life and World, that is, TIH2

  • Correcting, Repairing, Perfecting, Raising, and Transforming The Existing Divided Fragmented Scattered and Partialistic WORLD HEALTH AND HEALING Platform into THE ULTIMATE WHOLE TOTAL INTEGRAL HEALTH AND HEALING LEVEL

  • Correcting, Repairing, Perfecting, Raising, and Transforming The Existing Chaotic Scattered Separated and Contradictory Humanity and World of Health and Healing into The Whole Total Integral Peace Level because of the knowing and understanding Total Integral Health and Healing Platform

  • Raising and Transforming The Existing Fragmented and Partialistic Quality of Humanity Products and Services into The Whole Total Integral Level and Standard of HEALTH / HEALING Quality; therefore, they become totally integrally safe, secure, healthy, usable, adequate, appropriate, true, accurate, reliable, good, or aesthetic – maximally reducing or eliminating negative effects, accidents, pollutions, damages, toxication, diseases, pain, disasters, death, etc.

  • TIH2 Platform causes the creation and production of the far more appropriate and better versions of the whole world HEALTH AND HEALING products and services

  • TIH2 Platform produces unlimited number of better new inventions and discoveries, better new businesses, and better new labor opportunities continually

  • TIH2 Platform gives a tremendous opportunity to give to, contribute to, share with, and raise The Humanity and World in all aspects of existence and life: Psychology, Biology, Ecology, Cosmology; Individuality, Sociality; Personality, Morality; Economics, Business, Profession, Industry, Education, Learning, Research and Development, Information, Knowledge, Science, Engineering, Technology, Health, Healing, Medicine, Security, System, Products, Services, Civilization; Solution of Problem, Need, Challenge; and Life

  • Arising, correcting, repairing, reforming, perfecting, developing, and transforming all the existing scattered traditional HEALTH AND HEALING sciences into the ever-maximum Total Integral Health and Healing Science, System, Methodology, Process, and R&D Platform, that is, TIH2


  • TIH2 is a historical platform and the first platform in history that touches and embraces all the deepest, vastest, unbuilt, broken, fragmented foundation and building of the humanity life and world in all levels and fields of health and healing; it is restoring, reforming, empowering, developing, and transforming them into their total whole integral existence, living, and world

  • TIH2 simultaneously expresses and fulfills the deepest need, hunger, thirst, longing, and cry of humanity along history for the totally integrally true, adequate, proper, appropriate, good, unlimitedly strong, radiant, beautiful humanity life HEALTH AND HEALING before their final transformation and transcension into The Ultimate Life Destination

  • TIH2 is very big, unlimited, powerful, beneficial, profound, essential, vast, impactful, and everlasting; furthermore, TIH2 is service of total life health, service of total humanity health, service of total healthy civilization, which will be remembered as the bravest and greatest effort in history (because of Divine Source, certainly) to build and develop the true, adequate, proper, appropriate, good, unlimitedly strong, and beautiful humanity HEALTH AND HEALING for their Ultimate advance, journey, process, transformation, attainment, and destiny


Excellence, Strength, Uniqueness, Newness, Ultimateness

  • TIH2 is the first fundamental largest platform, system, methodology, and standard in HEALTH AND HEALING
  • TIH2 is the first largest, most systematic, most integral science and system in HEALTH AND HEALING
  • TIH2 is the one total integral system of all HEALTH AND HEALING sciences, knowledges, information, systems of all levels and fields, from the most principle to the most concrete
  • TIH2 is also the most integral, largest, highest-platform meta-manufacture of new HEALTH AND HEALING sciences, knowledges, technologies, systems, products, services, and practices for Total Integral Humanity HEALTHY Living, Culture, and Civilization
  • TIH2 Platform, Standard, and System is a real sign and an unlimited means for Total Ultimate Integral Humanity Transformation and Achievement in the world that has never happened before, along Human History and Civilization Period