1. First, Institute of Total Integral Research and Development for The Whole Humanity and World for Their Ultimate Life, Transformation, and Attainment in Total Integral Levels and Fields of Life: Ontology, Spirituality, Psychology, Biology, Cosmology; Individuality, Sociality; Morality, Personality; Politics, Economics, Business, Profession, Generation and Education, Learning, Industry, Data, Information, Knowledge, Science, Philosophy, Engineering, Technology, Theology, Culture, Aesthetics, Health, Curing, Medicine, Security, Defense, Ecology, System, Communication, Civilization; Solution of Problem, Need Fulfillment, Challenge Overcoming; Futurics, and Life
  2. The Global Movement Center for Serving and Accompanying Humanity and The World by providing Total Integral Platform-Standard-System (brief: Total Integral Platform) for Them to Ultimately and Rightly Proceed, Grow, Develop, Transform into and attain Their Ultimate, Full, Total, Integral, Essential Reality and Life, Their True Life Goals, Their Source and Ultimate Aim.
  3. The Acceleration and Service Center for Promotion, Education, and Usage of Total Integral Platform and Standard for The Ultimate, True, Appropriate, Worth, Suitable, and Adequate Human Existence and Life
  4. The Center for Serving and Accompanying Humanity and Their Civilization to Transcend from The Scattered Fragmented Divided Platform into The Original Total Integral Platform and Standard
  5. The Center for Helping Raising, Serving, and Accompanying Radiant Humans / Radiant Leaders, who Live, Move, and Transform Totally, Essentially, Integrally in All Levels and Fields of Life

TOTAL INTEGRAL was founded by Hargianto with more than thirty-three year processes of formation (since 1984) and constitution (since 1988).

TOTAL INTEGRAL comprises integral five main groups of works:

  1. Total Integral Search Research Development Production and Transformation (TISRnDPT)
  2. Total Integral Generation and Education (TIGENE)
  3. Total Integral Project Creation Incubation Release and Transformation (TIPCIRT)
  4. Total Integral Transformational Solutions and Services (TITraSS)
  5. Total Integral Global Network (TIGN)



  • 1988  :  Mario Hargianto started Total Integral Research and Development, and applied it into Logic, Methodology, Science, Anthropology, Theology, Pedagogy, Learning, and Education areas
  • 2001  :  Since 2001 up to Now, Total Integral Platform has been continually applied into many Research, Manufacturing, and Business Projects; into Information, Knowledge, Science, Technological, Pedagogy, Learning, Education, Philosophical, and Theological Projects; etc.
  • 2008  :  Total Integral Knowledge, Total Integral Science, Total Integral System, Total Integral Methodology, Total Integral Education, Total Integral Learning, Total Integral Anthropology, and their aspects or extension started to be notated
  • 2011  :  Total Integral Institute was real-ly founded on 1 January 2011 and launched online on 15 February 2011, bearing a huge number of duties of Total Integral Projects
  • 2012  :  ΑΩ Total Integral Institute was formally and privately founded, located at Koblen Tengah 19 Surabaya Indonesia, on 8 August 2012



Total Integral is a global Research and Development institute founded by Mario Hargianto by private funding on 8 August 2012. It works for individuals, families, communities, organizations, institutions, societies, governments, nations, global communities, global organizations, global institutions, global societies, global social networks, and the whole humanity, in all levels and fields of humanity life integrally: essential, spiritual, psychical, and biophysical; private, social, moral, axial, economical, business, industrial, political, governmental, juridical, scientific, engineering, technological, system, educational, learning, cultural, aesthetic, spiritual, ecological, security, and civilization.

Total Integral has more than thirty three year old history of formation and constitution processes in many levels and fields of life, knowledge, science, and practice. Its work characteristic is far more than just “liberal”, “multidimensional”, “multidisciplinary”, “interdisciplinary”, “transdisciplinary”, “integrated”, “integral”, or “unified”. It is essentially wholly “total and integral” for the whole, essential, and ultimate human life.

Through Total Integral, Mario Hargianto with his wife, Agnes Ayline Boedianto, promulgates and widespreads a universal movement of total integral life and way for humanity for their total whole original life journey, transformation, and attainment into their total truth and fullness of life in The Ultimate Aim.

Mario Hargianto ever studied Chemical Engineering at 10 November Institute of Technology, Surabaya, Indonesia. He studied Philosophy and Theology and received his baccalaureate at Higher School of Philosophy Theology, Widya Sasana, Malang, Indonesia.

After working in his family industry, he built his own businesses and continued developing industry of total integral research and development.

He ever lived as a catholic hermit for six years. During that period, he specially studied and practised the lives and works of saints and hermits. He has been studying and working in the areas of spirituality, especially mystical spirituality, spiritual direction, spiritual leadership, and human healing, restoration, and transformation for more than thirty years.

He and Agnes Ayline Boedianto, an informatic engineer from Higher School of Technics Surabaya, Surabaya, Indonesia, have served thousands of people, families, youth and adults of diverse backgrounds and positions, individually and collectively in seminars, camps, retreats, and meetings.

Both of them move in the areas of: total human transformation; total healing, restoration, development, and transformation of families, societies, governments, nations, and humanity; the building and transformation of total integral knowledge, total integral science, total integral generation and education, total integral leadership, total integral work, total integral informatics, total integral business, total integral government, total integral system, total integral culture, and total integral civilization.

In their total integral work, they focus on Total Integral Human: being, existence, life, origin, source, standard, principle, destination, dignity, ultimate transformation and fulfillment, and essentials, including human essential structure, identity, dignity, potentials, characteristics, power, position, and role.