Some fundamentals of The Philosophy of Total Integral Institute are:

1. Human essentially is transubsistence (transcendent subsistence: whole autonomous independent spiritual being) with his being level as his transubstance (transcendent substance); thence, human essentially transcends cosmos and the world; see the following:

2. Human is spiritual being in cosmos; who, integrally by his energy, expresses or realizes his being level (comprising all his essentials and potentials) in spiritual, psychical, and biophysical levels and in many fields of life: private, social, economical, political, scientific, technological, educational, cultural, aesthetic, juridical, religional, ecological, security, civilizational, etc.

3. All human cosmic reality or life is the expression of and is for his spiritual being temporarily and limitedly

4. Human Origin, Source, Level, Standard, and Aim is The Creator Spiritual Being, Who makes human being exist from non-being into being by participating his being in and uniting his being within His Non-limited Being for his existing and living because human being absolutely does not and can not self-exist

5. Therefore, human o r i g i n a l essential-existential level, standard, principle, and way of existing and living is transcendent, divine, essential, spiritual / immaterial, total, whole, and full

6. Furthermore, therefore, the whole humanity all over the world is one total family of The Most One Non-limited Absolute Non-Caused Creator Being, Who is The Source and Cause of all human equality, identity, and famili-ality

7. Therefore, the whole humanity in cosmos has One Whole Non-Changed Creative Fundamental Platform and Principle of co-existing, co-living, harmony, relation, communication, interaction, cooperation, co-building, co-walking in one whole history of mankind, in the same one total universal existential path of growth and transformation into the ultimate fullness of being and existence and life, in the equal human personal essential dignity

8. Being creatively essentially participated in and united within The Creator Spiritual Being for his existence and life, in cosmos human grows, develops, and transforms transcendentally until human becomes ultimate spiritual being in ultimate participation in and union within The Creator Non-limited Being, Beauty, Life, Energy, Joy, Happiness, and Wealth, via total final spiritual transformation or total final cosmic metamorphosis (“positive” death)

9. Such essential-existential relation and communication between The Creator Non-limited Personal Being and human limited personal being does exist and happen just because of: The Creator Self-Limiting Expression and Self-Limiting Energy; or else, there would not be human and all other limited beings (the created) – who can touch or endure The Non-limited directly totally?!

10. Human being level is essential, total, whole, full; therefore, human must be essential, total, whole, full in existence, in all levels and fields of life, in everything, everywhere, every time